2017-2018 Third Quarter Report


0001.Cover Page-Quarterly Report-3rd

0001b.Invoice-1718131-Florida-Sports-Foundation-3rd Qtr Funding-17-18

001.ATTACHMENT I-Scope of Work-FY17-18-3rd Qtr

01.A.1.A.3rd Qtr Grant Award Letters-02-21-18

01.A.1.B.FSF-BOD-DRAFT Meeting Minutes-2-16-18+

01.A.a.Registration Page for 2018 SSG-3rd Qtr

01.A.b.Open Reg Announcement-SSG-18

01.A.b.Publish SSG-18 Calendar of Events

01.B.a.Broward County Senior Games Screenshot

01.B.a.Capital City Senior Games-Tallahassee screen shot of webpage

01.B.a.Charlotte County Fit For Life Senior Games Screenshot of webpage

01.B.a.Cutler Bay Senior Games Screenshot

01.B.a.Delray Beach Senior Games Screen Shot of Webpage

01.B.a.Destin-Emerald Coast Senior Games 2018 Screen shot of Form on website

01.B.a.Florida Senior Games Screenshot

01.B.a.Gainesville Sr Games

01.B.a.Golden Age Games Screenshot

01.B.a.Good Life Games of Pinellas County webpage screenshot

01.B.a.Gulf Coast Games for Life – Sarasota County Screen shot of webpage

01.B.a.Heartland Games 2018 Flyer

01.B.a.Heartland Games for Active Adults – South Florida screenshot of webpage

01.B.a.Jacksonville Senior Games Screenshot

01.B.a.Lake Senior Games Screen Shot of webpage

01.B.a.Lee County Sr. Games

01.B.a.Martin County Senior Games Screenshot

01.B.a.Ormond Beach Senior Games Registration PDF Screenshot

01.B.a.Palm Coast & the Flagler Beaches Senior Games Screen Shot of Webpage

01.B.a.Pensacola Senior Games Screenshot of webpage – registration

01.B.a.Polk Senior Games screenshot of webpage

01.B.a.Port Orange Senior Games Screenshot of Webpage

01.B.a.South Florida Senior Games Screenshot

01.B.a.Tampa Bay Senior Games

01.B.a.The Villages Senior Games screenshot of webpage

01.B.FSGS Calendar Announcement

01.C.1.a.Capital City Sr Games 2018 Registration Brochure

01.C.1.b.Capital City 2018 FSGS-Participants

01.C.2.a.CharlotteCounty Fit for Life Sr. Games-2018-Book

01.C.2.b.CharlotteCounty-Sr-Games 2018-FSGS-Participants

01.C.3.a.Lee County Sr Games-2018-Registration form

01.C.3.b.Lee County 2018 FSGS-Participants

002.2.ATTACHMENT II-Reports-FY17-18-3rd Qtr-Attachment II

02.2.A.Attachment II.2.A.Certification-3rd Qtr

02.2.B.C.ii.ATTACHMENT II-Reports-FY17-18-3rd Qtr-Sports Impact

02.2.B.I.A.i.ATTACHMENT II-Reports-FY17-18-3rd Qtr-Grant-Charity Summary

02.2.B.I.A.ii.ATTACHMENT II-Reports-FY17-18-3rd Qtr-Board Grant Reports

02.2.B.I.A.iii.ATTACHMENT II-Reports-FY17-18-3rd Qtr-Charity Distribution

02.2.B.II.B.i.ATTACHMENT II-Reports-FY17-18-3rd Qtr-Funding vs Budget

02.2.B.II.B.ii.ATTACHMENT II-Reports-FY17-18-3rd Qtr-Budget vs Actual

02.2.B.III.C.i.ATTACHMENT II-Reports-FY17-18-3rd Qtr-Grant Impact

02.2.B.IV.D.ATTACHMENT II-Reports-FY17-18-3rd Qtr-Trust Fund Dollars

02.2.B.V.ATTACHMENT II-Reports-FY17-18-3rd Qtr-State Fund Budget

02.VI.E.ATTACHMENT II-Reports-FY17-18-3rd Qtr-Measures

03.Minority Vendor-ATTACHMENT II-Reports-FY17-18-3rd Qtr

03.Minority Vendor-Contractor_Monthly_MBE_DV_1Report-3rdQtr-17-18

04.Transparency Web Page-3rd Qtr