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Tampa Bay Bucs

Since 1996 the Buccaneers and the Florida Sports Foundation have been partnered together in support of Florida’s youth and sports. Proceeds from the annual sale and renewal of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers license tag benefit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Foundation and the Florida Sports Foundation Major & Regional Grant Program.

Order Your Plate

Order your Tampa Bay Buccaneers Specialty plate online now, fill out the order form to start your order.

If you are ordering online, you will be contacted by a representative from your local tag office to process your order within one business day.

Purchasing Information:

  • If you are within your renewal period (within 3 months of your plate expiration): 
New plate fee of $58.00 PLUS your annual registration fee.
  • If you are NOT within your renewal period:
 Replacement license plate fee of $69.60 (When you are not within your renewal period you cannot update your registration; therefore, there is not an additional registration fee added)

Personalized Plates

Personalized plates are available for an additional fee. If you are interested in purchasing a personalized plate, a representative from your local tag office will further assist and provide the necessary paperwork. 
Check availability of your personalized plate.


A portion of the specialty license plate fee goes to the Florida Sports Foundation to provide funding for the Grant Programs that assist the statewide sports commissions in hosting sporting events throughout the state.

BucsCare Foundation

A portion of the specialty license plate fee goes to the Bucs Care Foundation, which is dedicated to making a difference in the Tampa Bay area through programming that will inspire, equip and celebrate the “Champion” in each of us. Tampa Bay Buccaneers players, coaches, cheerleaders, alumni, and staff have an active role in community improvement through a variety of youth health and education initiatives, family outreach, and military support. Innovative partnerships between the Bucs Care Foundation and local nonprofit organizations provide assistance to thousands of Central Florida residents each year. To learn more about what the Buccaneers are doing in the community, visit www.buccaneers.com/community.