Make The Pledge

Florida Pledge 2 Play
Florida Pledge 2 Play

Make the Pledge!

Is your child getting at least an hour of physical activity each day? Daily exercise is vital for children’s optimal health and development. It not only strengthens their bodies but also boosts their mental and emotional well-being.

By committing to this pledge, you are taking an important step toward ensuring your child leads a more active lifestyle. Click the button below to download the activity log and start your pledge, helping your child build a healthier and brighter future.

Submit Your Activity Log

We can’t wait to see the progress you’ve made! To ensure your child receives their special T-shirt, please use the form to upload your activity log.
  1. Complete the Log: Make sure your activity log is fully completed with all the daily activities tracked.
  2. Scan or Photograph: Scan or take clear photographs of each page of the completed activity log.
  3. Upload the Log: Use the form to upload your scanned or photographed activity log.
* T-shirts will begin shipping after August 1.
* One t-shirt per child per family.