Angela Adams Suggs

Angela Suggs is a highly accomplished professional in the sports industry, currently serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Florida Sports Foundation. With decades of experience in the field, Angela has made significant contributions to the development and promotion of sports in the state of Florida.

Suggs leads the organization’s efforts to advocate for Florida’s sports industry that generates over $70 billion in economic impact annually; assist communities with securing, hosting, and retaining sporting events and sports-related business through the Foundation’s grant programs; provide participation opportunities in the Sunshine State Games and Florida Senior Games; and assist national and state governing bodies to promote amateur sport development.

Under Angela’s leadership, the Florida Sports Foundation has witnessed remarkable growth and success. She has been instrumental in attracting major global and domestic tournaments, championships, and high-profile sporting events to Florida. Her strategic vision and strong relationships with key stakeholders have positioned Florida as a premier sports destination, boosting tourism and generating substantial economic impact.

Angela’s expertise extends beyond event management. She has played a pivotal role in fostering partnerships with sports organizations, professional teams, and governing bodies, leading to the establishment of training facilities, sports academies, and athlete development programs across the state. Her commitment to promoting sports initiatives has provided opportunities for young athletes to excel and pursue their dreams.

Prior to her current role, Angela held several leadership positions in at Florida A&M University, including Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Affairs and Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) where she consistently demonstrated exceptional organizational skills, a keen understanding of industry trends, and an unwavering dedication to excellence.

Angela holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Florida A&M University and a Master’s degree from St. Thomas University. She is a sought-after speaker, sharing her expertise at industry conferences and seminars. Angela’s passion for sports, coupled with her extensive experience and proven track record, make her a dynamic leader in the world of sports management.

A native of Tallahassee, Angela is married to Davin Suggs and the couple has one daughter, Dillyn Ashleigh.

Angela Adams Suggs